SummerBatch — New Release for the Open-Source .NET Batch Framework

New version (1.1.0) of SummerBatch framework has been released. Discover the new enhancements in this article.

The origin

The initial release of the SummerBatch framework (v 1.0.0) occurred in November 2015, as a result of a collaboration between Accenture and BluAge. The basic idea was to provide a lightweight , reliable and efficient .NET Batch framework, based on the concepts exposed in the JSR-352 spec, to help customers migrate their existing legacy batches to Microsoft ® based modern platforms.

What’s new ?

Being open source (hosted on Github, binaries available on Nuget, licensed under the Apache 2 license), the project has been evolving during the past months to incorporate some exciting new features in the latest release (1.1.0, released last week):

  • Support for PowerShell scripts invocation;
  • Support for textual and binary file comparisons;
  • Support for multiple outputs for the custom sort tasklet;

All these additions are clearly aimed at providing a better and faster coverage of the customer needs when it comes to modernize an existing legacy batch, under strict iso-functionality constraints.

The Powershell support is in particular a very fine feature as this tool is indeed the MS platforms exploitation “swiss army knife”. On top of that, PowerShell is a powerful — yes the name claims it, but it’s no  bragging  ? … — commonly shared tool between dev team, sysadmins/sysops and  the dba. Sharing that common language and knowledge is definitely an asset for a smooth production deployment of  SummerBatch-based solutions.

Alongside, BluAge made a new release of the Legacy Procedural To Cloud modernization product available to the market (to modernize Cobol legacy to SummerBatch target). Of course, this release includes all the required improvements to be able to take advantage of the new SummerBatch features listed above.


SummerBatch is planned to keep on evolving. Let’s hope that batch concerned proficient C# devs will clone the project and dare to contribute (?).

More content will be added to the samples repository on Github, to help users become more comfortable with SummerBatch, typically regarding its exclusive features (that are documented but nothing beats a sample). We have in mind that support for a batch management interface could be a fine addition. To be continued … 

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