Urgent Need for Application Modernization Seen at the Federal Level

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I recently found a study report about US federal agencies’s applications portfolios I would like to share with you. According to this study from MeriTalk, there is an urgent need to modernize legacy applications to overcome the problems associated with aging systems like security breaches, poor performance, and downtime.

This report from MeriTalk, a public-private partnership focused on improving the outcomes of US government IT, is dated November 18, 2015 and simply referred as “Future Ready Applications: The Modern Legacy.”

As always, link to the report is given at the end of this article.

An overwhelming majority of US Feds agree it’s time to modernize

The first thing is this study reveals that 92 percent of Federal IT managers say it’s urgent for their agency to modernize legacy applications. And more significantly, 62 percent of the respondents say if they do not modernize their legacy applications, mission-critical capabilities will be threatened.

You can find here below the biggest driving factors mentionned (Respondents indicated all factors that apply):

Biggest driving factors for legacy application modernization

Legacy applications have great difficulty keeping up with agencies needs

Less than half of Federal IT managers surveyed (48 percent) believe their legacy applications are completely capable of meeting their mission needs today, and only one third of them think they will still be able to deliver five years from now.

The future of the federal legacy applications and the most commonly considered solutions

Federal IT managers estimate that 55 percent of their current legacy applications could be successfully modernized using solutions like re-platforming the existing application, leveraging architecture-driven modernization, and remediating the existing  application to extend its useful life.

Given these figures, it is logical that two-thirds of the respondents say modernization efforts at their agency will increase in the next 18 month.


Re-platforming legacy application is the most commonly solution considered but, as the Dark Side of the Force, it is quicker, easier and more seductive but far from better path. Indeed, if you just keep the legacy application “as is” and make it works on a modern platform, you do not address properly the security, maintenability and lack of qualified ressources issues.

The most effective solution to overcome the problems associated with aging applications running on mainframe should be to Re-architect/Rewrite through business rules extraction and new object oriented code structure generation.

To access the full report from Meritalk.com:
> Future Ready Applications: The Modern Legacy

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