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By the end of December 2015, Computerworld published its Tech Forecast 2016 survey that highlights “Essential data points for the tech year ahead”.
Some points caught my attention as I read this interesting survey and I will discuss these in this article.

I invite you to discover the full report. Link is given at the end of this article.

In 2016, companies continue their journey to the Cloud


Remarkable figures:
– 29% of the IT leaders questioned have moved some enterprise applications to the cloud, and will continue in this way in 2016.
– 7% claim they are in the process of migrating mission-critical systems to a cloud environment.

Top 3 highest priority projects for 2016: Cloud Computing, security and legacy system modernization

According to this survey, IT departments are mostly working on Cloud Computing related projects for 2016. Cloud computing shows no signs of slowing down, certainly because of its advantages of flexibility and cost reductions.
The second important point for me is that legacy modernization projects come at the third place, even before application development and business analytics projects.

Dealing with budget constraints and economic pressure, as Top 1 challenge for CIO in 2016

For 2016, budget constraints and economic pressures remain the n°1 top challenge, far above the others.

So when companies will try to deal with legacy system issues (increasing cost, skilled resources shortage, lack of flexibility, technological debt, etc.) I doubt that costly solutions such as application redevelopment from written specifications or replacement by an “off-the-shelf” component are an appropriate solution.

How to bring critical applications into the Cloud

The fact is that legacy systems and critical applications running on them are, from year to year, a major concern for companies. This survey states that the main considerations that will drive IT department actions in 2016 will be dealing with budget constraints and economic pressure while maintaining or improving services level for enterprise applications.
Obviously, dealing with this situation will involve to replace or modernize the legacy systems like mainframes and, if relevant, bring the applications into the Cloud Computing, even critical ones. To get the job done, legacy programming language analysis and legacy modernization tools, as Blu Age, should be seriously considered.

To read the full survey from Computerworld:
> Tech Forecast 2016
To find out more about Blu Age:
> Blu Age Legacy to Cloud

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